How to Prep for Your Pageant Headshot

The time has come to highlight your best traits and practice your most flattering expressions for your headshot. But before you get to it, it might be worth to go over your checklist beforehand. After all, wasting your pageant photoshoot on a look you will despise later is nobody’s cup of tea.

Make Your Photoshoot Day a Perfect Hair Day

Before heading to your shoot, take a good, critical look at your hair and ask yourself these questions: Is my hair frizzy, wild, rebellious, or kinky in any way? Is it flat or stale-looking? Or does it just look lifeless and boring?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then fix it!

If it’s too kinky, straighten it. If it has no volume, blow dry it using volumizing mousse. Ah, bring clip ins to the shoot as well!

And if it’s dull, add a tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo before the wash or use avocado oil on it and witness the magic happen. Also, add some dry shampoo to the roots after blow drying it so both roots and hairline have some texture.  

Looking a Bit Cheerless? Let the Makeup Do Its Magic

A few days before the shoot, be mindful of how your skin looks. Is it dry and flakey? Then don’t let the days go by without working on it.

A few days before the scheduled shoot, moisturize your skin night and day for a hydrated, healthy look. And on the night before, exfoliate your skin generously. Without this step, your makeup won’t look nearly as flawless as it should.

What to Wear?

Your wardrobe is just as important as hair and makeup so do not wait until the last minute to put it together.

Before the shoot, pick tops and dresses as well as pairs of earrings that go well with them. Look for items that are solid colors, such as red, white, turquoise, pink, yellow, blue, or blush. Those work best for headshots, as grey or brown will flatten your overall look. If you’re searching for a great look for program book covers, autograph cards, etc., we suggest you go for more dramatic colors.

Whenever you’re ready to make a final decision, consider your skin tone and eye color to make sure the colors you chose complement them best.

When picking tops and dresses, avoid strapless. Any other neckline will do. Also, don’t forget your undergarments!

When choosing a pair of shoes, go for whatever that you like best for you pageant gown look. No need to bring more than one pair, as you might not even need them for the shoot. In addition, bring comfortable bottoms such as warm leggings. You will be shooting in a doorway in order to make use of natural lighting and it might get chilly!

Do Certain Looks Inspire You? Pin Them Down!

Prior to the photoshoot, browse on Pinterest or online for hair and makeup looks you like and save them. Then, show us what looks you’re in love with so we may have a better idea of what you’re going for. If you have ideas for the headshot itself and you find samples of it online, also save them beforehand and let us know about it. 

Visit for headshot samples as well.  

We’re here to get you where you want to go.

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