Binge-worthy Netflix Shows – April 2016

I’m doing something a little different this evening on the blog and that’s giving a personal review on some Netflix faves that are totally binge-worthy. Spring break is HERE and if you are like me when I was in high school..I didn’t do ANYTHING but enjoy the freedom of no school for a week. My parents didn’t send me to Mexico every break so I stuck to sleeping in, catching up on my shows, and hanging out with friends until 3 am. Netflix wasn’t around when I was in high school, thank God, but that doesn’t stop me from watching an entire season during a week now while I am editing. So here are a few of my favorites:

1) One Tree Hill

I am putting this one first because if you stop reading everything after this, you have still ingested the absolute best suggestion that should be next on your “to watch” list. Anyone who is anyone has seen a show or at least heard of actors Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush. What most don’t know is OTH was their big break. Sure, they had other gigs before OTH, but their iconic roles in this 9 season blockbuster was where their talent bloomed. The first season is a little difficult to get into at first because there is so much character building but I promise it is worth it. This will be a show you will marathon watch once a year. There is mystery, there is love, there are love triangles, there is murder, and there is a whole lot of crying (mostly you’ll be crying).

2) Pretty Little Liars

If you love murder/mystery type shows, then I am your girl and you need to take my suggestions very seriously (and should probably message me privately so I can give you a custom list because there are some goodies on Netflix waiting for you). Pretty Little Liars brings out all of the stops and it is still airing, folks. The story begins right smack in the middle of a mystery about a girl who has been missing for a year when all of her friends suddenly start receiving disturbing messages from an unknown number who seemingly knows more about their friends disappearance and anyone. It’s creepy. And it’s awesome. Disclaimer: do not watch this when you are home alone or will be home alone for an extended period of time in the near future. It may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but for us drama/mystery lovers, it is perfect!

3) Friends

I just finished watching this show all of the way through for the second time. This is one of those rare shows that you can still be productive through because there isn’t a strict storyline to follow. Yeah, you need to keep up with who is dating whom and who is “ON A BREAAAAAAK”, but it doesn’t require your undivided attention like drama/mysteries. The show is hilarious and you will fall in love with the characters and their stories–there is a reason, even after 12 years since the series ended, that this is still a favorite among many. It is one of those classics that you will be able to look back on and impress your friends in 10 years for being a fan of it now. Kind of like The Beatles. You go from a level 4 to a level 9 when you mention that you listen to The Beatles (at least to me anyway).

4) Parenthood

If you’re looking for a show that is a tad more on the sophisticated side (zero high school drama and no murders…so far) then Parenthood will be your go-to this break. There is still quite a bit of drama, but instead it follows the lives of four grown siblings and their families. I know, it doesn’t sound THAT great…but some of the children of the siblings are high school age, so it’s relatable. AND maybe if you and your momma are sitting at home with nothing to do, it can be a show you can watch together..there aren’t going to be those super awkward scenes that will cause your mother to question “what garbage they’re putting on TV these days”. It’s a modern day Brady Bunch, if you will, with less happy endings at the end of every episode.

Some honorable mentions that are GREAT and should be put on your future lists are:
-Gossip Girl
-The Office (identity theft is not a joke, JIM!)

Those are just a few of my favorites! And if you take me seriously, they will keep you busy for quite some time. I feel there are a few that I should list that would’ve definitely made the cut had I watched them before I wrote I wanted to include those.

Next on my list:

1) Once Upon a Time
2) Revenge
3) Greys Anatomy

So what did I miss?! Tell me in the comments!

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