Six Tips on Choosing a Senior Photographer

I tell my seniors all of the time that these photos are going to be one of the only times in their life that pictures are all about them, and no one else. Even on your wedding day, there is going to be some dude needing to be in all of YOUR pictures. One of the most exciting parts about Senior Year is choosing your Senior Photographer, and here are some tips in finding the right one for YOU.

1. Insta-Famous

ADMIT IT. Seeing your friends featured on other IG pages gets you a little green with envy but is also super cool! Finding a photographer that is active on the current trends like Snapchat and IG is a fun way for everyone to get more involved in your session. From posting a behind the scenes, to that sneak peek all of your friends are DYING over the next morning–it’s a big deal and a great way to feel Insta-Famous! Especially when your photog is featured from a third party page (heyoo PosePatch, Senior Style Guide, & Senior Year Magazine!) with one of your images. Double IG fame.

2. More Than the Eyebrows on Fleek

It is SO important to choose a senior photographer who also has a killer makeup artist! Cameras for some reason do this shady thing where you take a picture of yourself and don’t see ANY makeup on your face when you just spent 20 minutes in front of the mirror. Hence the need for the Kardashian filter on Snapchat (shamelessly in love) before you post. Talented makeup artists get that and go a little heavier so that when we are out and about, you look your absolute best self. I am super lucky that I have one of the best makeup artists in the area on hand for every shoot. Check out Ashley Troxel Professional Makeup Artist!

3. Investment

Did you know that the average U.S. family spends close to $1,000 on their child’s high school prom? That sure is an investment for the parents who aren’t even GOING to the event. I wish there was as much of an emphasis on the importance of spending on quality Senior Portraits as there is on Prom night. Gorgeous portraits last forever! Something your family can treasure. Something that, if done right, can perfectly highlight who you are and your senior year. That takes the effort and passion of a photographer who spends time with you asking questions and truly wants to know you. Invest in a great photographer so that they will invest in YOU.

4. We never go out of style

…we never go OUT OF STYLE. T Swift has it right again. Just like your style is unique to yourself, I have a very specific style of shooting just like so many other photographers do. When searching for your perfect fit, pay close attention to the photographers style. For example, my style of portraits are typically very bright and colorful. Other photographers have a darker editing style that totally works for them and their clients. How do you want to be portrayed?

5. Girls just Wanna Have Fun

Senior year is stressful enough, so find a photographer that is all about you having a fun and stress-free experience. Ask your friends who have already gone through the process if their session was enjoyable. If it was awkward, the photos will show it. A session that is fun means you will be relaxed, and relaxed pictures are the best pictures because they showcase your genuine self!

6. …Girls got to College to get more Knowledge

Ladies and Gents, Parents and Guardians–listen up because this one is SUPER important. In this day and age, when our “totally awesome” cameras are as close as our phones are, the value of a picture has gone down. This is leading to more and more girls going out on a super sunny Saturday afternoon with their friend’s parents new point and shoot, and passing it back and forth snapping fun pictures and calling it #seniorsunday on Instagram the next day. I know, I’m calling out some of you right now. Like I’ve said previously, your senior portraits only happen once, so you have to find someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s exactly why you don’t ask for a McDonald’s Hamburger on your Birthday–it’s a special occasion! Find someone who is a professional, someone who will take pictures of you that are timeless and capture your true self in the most beautiful (or handsome) way possible.

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