Senior Moments: Capturing the Best Milestones of High School

Your last year of high school can make or break your life as a student. After all, that’s when you’re seriously considering your college options. But the senior year is not just about looking forward. Most importantly, your last year of high school is when you say goodbye to a routine and a group of friends you might not see again — at least for a while.

To make those moments last forever, you must use the tools available to you, whether it is a smartphone or a professional camera. But what if taking a simple selfie isn’t enough to mark a particular rite of passage?

Below is a list of important moments of a student’s senior year and why they should always be caught on camera. Professional, that is.


Depending on your school’s traditions, a homecoming can encompass a lot of things such as a big football game, parades, and a dance. Whatever you and your friends do during this time of year, it is important to keep it fun and memorable.

If you’re looking forward to your homecoming, you know you will regret not registering it properly. Before the time comes, make sure you or your school has a pro set up to register your homecoming best moments. After all, you will only get to live (some) of these routines again at prom.   

Spring Break/Graduation Trips

Some lucky seniors get to go on trips with their friends to celebrate the end of their high school years. But while many of these trips happen during the spring break, many students choose to postpone their adventures until the period after graduation. Needless to say, some teens pick fun, interesting, and noteworthy places for their trips while many choose simpler destinations. After all, being with friends is what matters.

To make these trips count, especially if the destination isn’t all that exotic, good photography is more than a good option — it is essential.

Whether you’re going to the neighboring town or to another state, figuring out a way of making this moment last is part of what being a senior is all about. So why not schedule a photo shoot just before takeoff?  

Winter Formal & Prom

From memorable “will you dance with me?” proposals to fancy dinners, formals and proms give seniors plenty of opportunities to shine.

If you’re looking for photo opportunities, your photographer will tell you to choose a picturesque location, which might be a park, someone’s home, the beach, a fountain, or a remarkable architectural structure. Whatever location you choose, make sure you and your date are organized so you have plenty of time to get the best shots. That includes taking the time to get your hair, makeup, and manicure on with professionals, if possible.

Remember: prom is a rite of passage. And like formals, it requires a great deal of care into what you will wear, how you will look, and what kind of date you will be. Making it memorable should be a top priority and finding the best spot to take these photos, which will last forever — unlike your hairdo or those pesky braces — is part of the process.


More heart-wrenching than prom, graduations can stir up emotions you had never had to deal with before.

More likely than not, your parents will be snapping photo after photo, trying to get the right moment when you walk up to the podium for your diploma. They will also want to take a handful of pictures with you all dressed in graduation garb. And if they are inviting extended family, expect to take a million more photos with them, too.

In order to get the best shots, plan to arrive before graduation with enough time to take at least 200 photos (that’s right!). Also, remind your mom, sisters, and aunts to consider the weather and how that will impact their hair. After all, a professional photographer can only go so far when it comes to using his or her skills to make everyone look their best!

Soon-to-Be Seniors: Here’s Your Chance!

If you’re reading this and dreaming of how gorgeous your pictures will surely look like, you may rest assured you don’t have to spend all the money you saved up on a professional session alone.

If you book by July 31, 2019, you’ll get to add your bestie at the end of your senior session.

And what’s even better, you will get your photos taken by the best. You wouldn’t pick anyone else to register some of the best moments of your life, would you?

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